Lord, what does it mean for us to walk as one, to be as one?

Have I not given you life? Have I not called you to know Me intimately? These are the things we begin to look at together and work out together. Life was never to be lived on your own son. I am the One who was meant to be a part of your life always, it was meant to be lived with Me. Life is complex at the best of times, only I know what is truely best for you. It is as you open your heart to Me and allow Me to share My heart and reveal My knowledge to you that you begin to understand life in it's fullness.


My heart is always open to you my Son, always open to reveal truth to you. It is only as you come to Me to invite Me into your life each day that I can begin to move and prepare your heart to walk by My leading and understanding. Man loves to reason everything out on his own, I have no place in this. His reasoning is many times flawed leading to heartache and misery within one's life. If only My people would open their lives to Me, give Me a place and acknowledge My presence, but they do not, many worship me with their lips, but their hearts and lives are far from Me. I have called you son to know Me intimately, to know My very thoughts for you son, and to walk in My ways as you see them.


A laddle of water quenches much thirst but My Spirit imparts Life for ever. Have you seen how man draws on his knowledge and walks in it, never considering Me or My plans for his life. He lives as an island in the middle of the ocean. But My hand is not far away from those who call on My name. To walk as one son, is to see you rejoice in My presence, call on My name for your life and allow Me to minister to your heart as I desire. I will lead you beside the quiet waters, your hand will I take to lead you into all I have for you.


Yes son we go there together , to experience My goodness for your life. It lacks nothing but is full of My goodness and wisdom for life. It cherishes everything we do together as one. I want to be a part of all of life, not just some of it. I have so much to give, yet many reject it. You son are not to be like this, I call you each day to a new day, fresh for I make it new. Your life is like the embers of a fire, the more I blow on it the greater is the heat produced, the life of My Spirit is within you for this.


I have given you My life to experience in it's fulness, yet many do not see it, they are too wrapped up in their own thoughts and ways, never open to hear Me speak to them. I have many closed doors to Me, yet I love them all dearly. If only they would open up to Me on a daily basis, they would know Me and experience My life flow within them.


Today is a new day for you son, a day of great rejoicing for you have chosen to open your heart to Me, to dine with Me on My Holy mountain. Yes I will clear away every obstacle before you son, to know Me and walk with Me as one. Today is a day of remembrance for what you have done for Me, you seek My heart in it's fulness son, this I will bless for you each day.

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    Bishop, Dr. Benjamin Elunga W'Elunga (Friday, 02 March 2018 07:54)


    Email: elungabenjamin@gmail.com

    Praise the Lord,

    We have been very happy to get your Bible College information on internet about how you are really working, so it's really makes us feel very pleased and it's why we've taken this opportunity to write to you.

    We're Naivera Apostolic Church, and we're Congolese refugees we are in Tanzania especially in Nyarugusu camp Kasulu Kigoma region.

    The camp has more than 100.000 people and also has more than 100 churchs in it.

    Regarding the interest of people to learn the word of the Lord, we decided to open the Bible school, but those getting diplomas from our Bible School are so many but still haven't got any opportunity to carry on with their studies due to the lack of Bible college here in the camp.

    For that reason, we would humbly come to you asking for  PARTNERSHIP with your  Bible College, so that those who're getting their diplomas should go ahead with their studies.

    We have every confidence that you'll answer our request.

    On behalf of the Naivera Apostolic  Church, 
    Bishop, Dr. Benjamin Elunga W'Elunga