Rejoice in the Lord!


A Journal I received from Jesus on Rejoicing!


Rest and be at peace for my hand is on you today, yes indeed I am with you in newness of life. Listen to my Voice today for I shall speak. Forgiveness of sin is for my children, yes forgiveness is for My people whom I love today with a pure love son. Yes teach my people today to rejoice in Me for I am their saviour son, I have released them and known them. Rejoice in Me today let not your burdens trouble you any longer, only rejoice in Me my children, my delightful ones. Your days ahead are filled with great joy. Only rejoice now my children, do not wait for tomorrow but rejoice today in all you see for I am your Father and King.

Jn 4:24 Worship in spirit and truth.

Lord what would you say to me about this verse, 'in Spirit and Truth'?


You have come to me son to know truth, this blesses me. I have given you truth son, you know truth for I am truth son, I am all you need in life to sustain you. I have given you life, my life, yes son it is my life within you which sustains you. Your heart is mine for it is filled with my water son, you have drunk deeply of me and know my life within you. Yes, teach this to my people, I am their life, living and breathing within their lives son. Teach them to seek my waters of life.


You are my delight son. Yes you have embraced my truth in your life, I am one with you. Let us run together son, as one today. My fiver of life shall I expand in your life, to walk with me son in all things. My river of life shall indeed sustain you all of your days son, as we walk as one. Teach my people son, I want to walk with them in life. Purify your hearts with my truth and let us walk as one today.


Thank you Jesus for your water of life. I love you Lord.

What does 'being one in Christ' mean?

Are we not one son, in spirit we are one, where you go, I go son. I am your hands and feet in the Spirit, just as you are mine here on earth, we are one and we complement each other. You can no more be complete without me as I can without you, we are now inseparable son. I have given you my life and Spirit to walk in each day. This I have given you for eternity. Never again shall we be seperate from one another. Your heart is in my hands to fill with my good pleasure son. When you walk be aware we walk together as one in this world. It is your home in a temporary sense, for I have called you into my presence for eternity. Our hands are joined together, you and I as one. Yes son when you speak be aware of our unity, listen to my small still Voice and we will speak as one. Your hopes are now my hopes and desires, for all of life is now shared betwen us. This is how it was at the beginning when I made Adam and breathed my life into him, we were as one. You are no different son, you still have a free will as did Adam, but we are as one in all things. Call upon my name for I am with you son, and I do respond to your heart cry.


Lord what would you say about 'Coming into your presence?'

You have stirred my heart son, you have chosen to call upon my name today and I am well pleased. Give me glory at all times son. I know your heart and your desires, each day I search your heart and I see the desires I have placed there as you bring them before me. I know your desires and longings son, these I honor for they come from your heart's desire to please me at all times. This is the heart I desire to see before me; a heart set on pleasing me son. This is what I desire to see everyday, your hopes and dreams have their foundation in me. This is how it should be son, for then I can direct your paths in my ways, you are as a child listening for the Father's voice, to hear him speak, this pleases me. Yes son coming into my presence is vital to your life and existence, everything you are is what I have made you to be, a light shining on a hill, a beacon of life for many to see and follow. I will direct your steps in the coming months, I will direct you in which way to go for you will know my hand on you in new ways son, as I open up new doors of opportunity for you. Step in son and let me take you on a new journey for your life is in my hands to take you to new heights. Learn of me as I speak son, to walk in all I reveal to you.



2Samuel 22:31

As for God, His way is perfect, the Word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.


Lord would you open this verse up to me, what would you say about it?


I am a shield to all who take refuge in Me. My people shall hear My voice and walk in My counsel for this is my desire for all my people. I am taking my people to a new place in my Spirit, a place where they shall know me intimately and walk with me as their God. I love my people and long to do much for them. But they must open their hearts to me. Many walk in their own counsel, forsaking mine for their lives. I am the Lord God creator of heaven and earth, is anything too difficult for me. Come my people, open your hearts to me, hear me speak and I will guide you through life. I will be your rampart, your defender, open your heart to me and let me into your life. I will not hurt you, I desire only what is good for you. Will you trust me with your life? Will you call upon my name everyday? I long to hear you call on me. Come to me my children and I will be a Father to you.



What is knowledge to man today Lord?

The tree of knowledge son is for man today a fountain of truth. It aspires to impart knowledge to man, yet it results in his demise as he does not know how to apply this knowledge to life. My Spirit reveals truth relative to my life and who I am. Man's truth only satisfies the human flesh and is of no benefit to the spirit of man.


Lord the world is turned upside down, all seems to be going crazy, the world economy, governments, terrorism, it's a crazy world. What would you say about this?

I set the world in place, I caused it to grow and be prosperous, I gave it life in abundance, this was my will for this earth, to flow with abundant life, yet mans heart has grown cold towards Me. The days now are filled with violence and unbelief, many have walked away from Me, yet I am still in control son, the earth is mine and I will restore my glory and Kingdom to this earth. My hand is on many to know Me, this is my desire and will to know my people once more.


Lord what are the common stumbling blocks in peoples lives that stop them knowing you?

My hand is on many to know Me yet many hold back and do not come to Me. I know their hearts, many times they are hurting, My life draws them to me, yet they do not come. This saddens Me to see them walk away, for I am life for them. The heart is complex son, only I can unravel its mystries.


Isaiah 43:10-12

You are My witnesses, you who believe Me, and walk with Me. I am God eternal and there is no other like Me. I am your God, there is no other. My people know I have you in the palm of My hand, I know your thoughts and desires. Seek Me everyday and you will find My hand outstretched towards you to bless you with My presence. You are mine and I am yours. Will you come to Me with open hearts in the morning, will you praise Me when you rise up, will you cast all your burdens on Me and walk with Me? I am your God forever, your Father who loves His children, draw near to Me my child and I will draw near to you.


Your life I hold in My hand to prosper you and bless you as you come to Me and seek Me. Seek Me my children everyday for I love to hear your voices as you sing to Me, draw near with an open heart and do not despair, My life will I give you to live in victory each day. Yes many challenges face you, yet I am here waiting for you to come to Me to seek My wisdom for your lives.


I delight in those who draw near to Me in faith, My hand I stretch out to you to comfort you and care for you. You are never alone My children, if My Spirit abides in you, you are mine, yes mine to be my witnesses to a dying world. Open your life up to Me and allow Me to breathe My Spirit afresh in you, for then you shall mount up as an eagle, and soar high above with Me in heavenly places. Do not close yourself off from Me, though it may hurt at times I shall heal you and sustain you always. I will keep you in My presence for My names sake. Yes My children draw near to Me, draw near with your whole heart and I will respond to you. My Father loves you and I love you, hold fast to My words, hold fast.


Lord Jesus, how would you describe your love for those who do not yet believe you?

My heart I have given my people to know Me. I am God and there is no other son. My people I created for myself, I gave them life to live with Me. The cry of My heart is to be with My people whom I have created to know Me. Your heart is pure before Me, but many do not yet know Me. I gave My life for all there is no exception son. Every single person ever born has the right to enter My Kingdom but many do not heed my call to them.


Does the world have so much to offer you that you will not come to me, the one who loves you unconditionally. My words of life I will share with you if you will seek me. Yes seek Me and I will make myself known to you. I am real, I am here, I rose from the dead for you. I gave My life for you because I want to know you. Will you open your heart to Me and allow Me into your life. The way has been open and made clear for you, nothing remains except to come to Me with an open heart. My people close themselves off to Me yet I love them dearly, there is nothing I will not do for you.



Lord, what does it mean for us to walk as one, to be as one?

Have I not given you life? Have I not called you to know Me intimately? These are the things we begin to look at together and work out together. Life was never to be lived on your own son. I am the One who was meant to be a part of your life always, it was meant to be lived with Me. Life is complex at the best of times, only I know what is truely best for you. It is as you open your heart to Me and allow Me to share My heart and reveal My knowledge to you that you begin to understand life in it's fullness.


My heart is always open to you my Son, always open to reveal truth to you. It is only as you come to Me to invite Me into your life each day that I can begin to move and prepare your heart to walk by My leading and understanding. Man loves to reason everything out on his own, I have no place in this. His reasoning is many times flawed leading to heartache and misery within one's life. If only My people would open their lives to Me, give Me a place and acknowledge My presence, but they do not, many worship me with their lips, but their hearts and lives are far from Me. I have called you son to know Me intimately, to know My very thoughts for you son, and to walk in My ways as you see them.


A laddle of water quenches much thirst but My Spirit imparts Life for ever. Have you seen how man draws on his knowledge and walks in it, never considering Me or My plans for his life. He lives as an island in the middle of the ocean. But My hand is not far away from those who call on My name. To walk as one son, is to see you rejoice in My presence, call on My name for your life and allow Me to minister to your heart as I desire. I will lead you beside the quiet waters, your hand will I take to lead you into all I have for you.


Yes son we go there together , to experience My goodness for your life. It lacks nothing but is full of My goodness and wisdom for life. It cherishes everything we do together as one. I want to be a part of all of life, not just some of it. I have so much to give, yet many reject it. You son are not to be like this, I call you each day to a new day, fresh for I make it new. Your life is like the embers of a fire, the more I blow on it the greater is the heat produced, the life of My Spirit is within you for this.


I have given you My life to experience in it's fulness, yet many do not see it, they are too wrapped up in their own thoughts and ways, never open to hear Me speak to them. I have many closed doors to Me, yet I love them all dearly. If only they would open up to Me on a daily basis, they would know Me and experience My life flow within them.


Today is a new day for you son, a day of great rejoicing for you have chosen to open your heart to Me, to dine with Me on My Holy mountain. Yes I will clear away every obstacle before you son, to know Me and walk with Me as one. Today is a day of remembrance for what you have done for Me, you seek My heart in it's fulness son, this I will bless for you each day.