In this module ‘Creation’ we take a look at the six days of creation by taking a step back in time to the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth and then made man (Adam and Eve) in His own image. The focus of this module is to reveal the heart of God towards man and how man was to be God’s crowning glory on earth. We will see the great lengths God went to in establishing man on earth and why man is so special in God’s eyes. We were created to be with God, fellowship with God and know God in a far more intimate way than man knows God today.


We will see that man was given dominion over the earth to rule over God’s creation, the earth was his to both enjoy and govern. The desire of God’s heart was to be a part of Adam and Eve’s life, sharing love together, enjoying each other’s company, it was never God’s intention to be separated from mankind, and God had created one like Himself with whom He could relate to on an emotional and spiritual level. We will define our image in light of God’s image, so we may know we were created not just on a physical level but also on a spiritual level as well.


Adam and Eve, through deception, lost the image they had been created with and were left as we see mankind today, void of the Spirit of God, a mere shadow of his glorious past. What was it like to have been created in God’s image? Why did they lose the image?


But God did not abandon us, no He has made a way for mankind to be restored to the image of God in its fullness, we will see what this means for you and I today, for God’s restoration work begins today in each one of our lives and will be completed at the return of Christ.