Orlando Figueiredo

My name is Orlando Figueiredo and I have been a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for over thirty years. I was born in Zimbabwe where I lived until 1990, when the Lord called my wife and I to Brisbane Australia where we now live.


My ministry began in Zimbabwe, where, as a young Christian God called me as a teacher within the Pentecostal church where I fellowshipped. I began to teach home groups and eventually became an Elder in the church and served as an Assistant Pastor.


In Australia I served in an Assemblies of God church, Brisbane Faith Center, as a Leader and Bible College teacher, being a member of the preaching team and also a teacher in their bible college, Brisbane Faith College International.


During these early years in Australia God opened up to me two life changing courses of study, which were to ultimately transform my Christian life and ministry. They were Communion with God and Psalmody.


In Communion with God I discovered God longs for intimate fellowship with His children, where we learn to live out of the flow of His voice and visions on a daily basis, and where we know and experience the abiding reality of His presence in everyday living. I no longer lived solely out of the Scriptures but found myself living out of my daily conversations with God as I had learnt to hear God's voice. It was now a dynamic life, one in which I was experiencing the abiding presence of God in my life every day. I learnt what it means to 'Abide in Christ' and to live a life where Christ is my daily strength and comfort.


In Psalmody, I learnt what it means to be a worshipper and live a lifestyle of Worship. It opened my heart to three key areas: Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship. It caused my love for Christ to abound as I had never experienced. I began to know my God in a whole new way as I began to openly express my heart to Him, just as King David had done. I found a new sense of freedom in Christ where worship was no longer a Sunday activity but a daily rejoicing in my God, Lord and Saviour.


My life and ministry is now based around these two areas, where, as a teacher, I now teach people the importance of an Intimate relationship with God and how to experience it, revealing the Heart of the Father in the process and who we are in Christ. The Father is not looking for converts but for sons, sons who are led by the Holy Spirit. God is in these Last Days raising up an army who will know His voice and be led by His Spirit, to do the same works that Christ did on earth.