In 2006 I was invited by Pastor Andrew Taylor to teach at his bible college in Nadi Fiji (pronounced as Nandi). He is the founder of the American International School in Nadi and also the Bible College which shares the school campus. Pastor Andrew's ministry extends from the United States to Asia where he has a number of bible colleges which he founded and built up.


Fiji was one of my first invitations to travel overseas and teach. It gave me the opportunity to teach my newly formed teaching on Lifestyle Worship which I had put together some months earlier. My students included Church Pastor's and Christians from different churches. I remember one Pastor in particular being very excited with my teaching on Worship and keen to take it back to his church.


I also taught on Hearing the Voice of God which they received and enjoyed. One lady in particular, who was not even one of my class students but worked for the school, asked me one day while I was taking some time out to rest, if I would teach her how to hear the voice of God. I spent about an hour going through the basic principles with her, and encouraged her to practice these principles and make them a part of her walk with God. I heard nothing more from this lady until some months later back in Australia I received an email from her, thanking me for teaching her to hear the voice of God, as she had a breakthrough and could now hear the Voice of God in her daily walk with God.


This is what makes my ministry so fulfilling; to see ordinary people touched by God in their lives.


The following are some of the photographs I took of the college, Nadi and the islands.


Bible College in Fiji




Bible College in Nadi Fiji

Construction work at Bible Collge




Car park under construction at the College





Staff and students of the college. The lady on the left is the one who asked me to teach her how to hear the Voice of God.






Students in class





These are some of the students working on a journalling exercise.

Teaching one of the college classes




Here I am teaching one of the bible college classes.


The college was located in the Nadi countryside surrounded by sugar cane plantations. My wife and I lived on Campus for the duration of our stay there, and we would travel to the city by Taxis, which was about twenty minutes away.


Fiji is very picturesque and is made up of a collection of many islands, which provide visitors with some very unique holiday experiences. The locals are very friendly and will go out of their way to make you welcome. Many of the beaches are coral beaches, with beautiful views.



Sugar cane plantation




Sugar cane plantation.

Beach front holiday camp




Beach front holiday camp.

Island Resort




One of the many Island Resorts.

Island hopping by boat




Island hopping by boat.

Glass bottom boat viewing coral




Glass bottomed boat used for viewing the ocean coral.

Local bus with no windows




A local bus in Nadi. Note the special air conditioning, no windows!

Downtown Nadi




Downtown Nadi


I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to teach the people of Fiji and to see lives transformed for His glory.