When I call my people I call them to a new life, one in which I will know them, and they will know me intimately. This is for all of my people whom I call to myself. I have given them a new life to know Me as their life. My love for my people I share with them, just as I seek to have them share their love with Me. Worship son is the extension of our relationship, it bridges together two hearts as one, and causes my life to be released within them.”


This is what I felt God say to me about worship as I prepared this module. It is as vital to a believer as air is to the human body. Just as air cannot be seen with the naked eye but yet it affects every cell in the body, being life giving, so too does worship impact on the life of the believer; transforming, releasing and empowering us in our lives to both know God and walk with Him.


Life can be very complex or it can be very simple, the choice lies with me. I can make it complex as I focus my eyes on the world around me and all the issues of life, or I can choose to fix my eyes on Jesus; the author and finisher of my faith and hence my life, and look at life from God’s perspective. Life can be fun, exciting, invigorating, challenging and creative, or it can be boring, frustrating, lacking direction and leaving me with a sense of hopelessness. The choice is mine.


The same can be said about my Christian walk with the Lord. I can choose to develop my love walk, or I can stagnate and never reach my full potential. Every investor knows that unless he is prepared to invest in something he will never be able to reap any financial rewards.


For the Christian this investment is worship. I must be prepared to invest in worship, for only then can I expect to reap the reward of an intimate relationship with God, which will give me an abundant life. For me to be able to enjoy an intimate relationship with my heavenly Father, I must invest my time and energy to have fellowship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Worship becomes the conduit for fellowship. Investment is generally a long term process. An investor does not invest today and tomorrow cash in his investment, and expect a big return. No he leaves his investment and does not touch it for a period of time. Worship is the same; we do not worship one day and not the next. Worship is ongoing and never ending, it becomes a part of me, who I am, and the very fabric of my life is worship.


In this module we look at the definition of worship and then we break it down into its individual components. We will examine Praise and Thanksgiving as the two key areas, using the original Hebrew definition to help us develop a better understanding in this important subject.