Lord what would you say about 'Coming into your presence?'

You have stirred my heart son, you have chosen to call upon my name today and I am well pleased. Give me glory at all times son. I know your heart and your desires, each day I search your heart and I see the desires I have placed there as you bring them before me. I know your desires and longings son, these I honor for they come from your heart's desire to please me at all times. This is the heart I desire to see before me; a heart set on pleasing me son. This is what I desire to see everyday, your hopes and dreams have their foundation in me. This is how it should be son, for then I can direct your paths in my ways, you are as a child listening for the Father's voice, to hear him speak, this pleases me. Yes son coming into my presence is vital to your life and existence, everything you are is what I have made you to be, a light shining on a hill, a beacon of life for many to see and follow. I will direct your steps in the coming months, I will direct you in which way to go for you will know my hand on you in new ways son, as I open up new doors of opportunity for you. Step in son and let me take you on a new journey for your life is in my hands to take you to new heights. Learn of me as I speak son, to walk in all I reveal to you.


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