Jn 4:24 Worship in spirit and truth.

Lord what would you say to me about this verse, 'in Spirit and Truth'?


You have come to me son to know truth, this blesses me. I have given you truth son, you know truth for I am truth son, I am all you need in life to sustain you. I have given you life, my life, yes son it is my life within you which sustains you. Your heart is mine for it is filled with my water son, you have drunk deeply of me and know my life within you. Yes, teach this to my people, I am their life, living and breathing within their lives son. Teach them to seek my waters of life.


You are my delight son. Yes you have embraced my truth in your life, I am one with you. Let us run together son, as one today. My fiver of life shall I expand in your life, to walk with me son in all things. My river of life shall indeed sustain you all of your days son, as we walk as one. Teach my people son, I want to walk with them in life. Purify your hearts with my truth and let us walk as one today.


Thank you Jesus for your water of life. I love you Lord.