Lord Jesus, how would you describe your love for those who do not yet believe you?

My heart I have given my people to know Me. I am God and there is no other son. My people I created for myself, I gave them life to live with Me. The cry of My heart is to be with My people whom I have created to know Me. Your heart is pure before Me, but many do not yet know Me. I gave My life for all there is no exception son. Every single person ever born has the right to enter My Kingdom but many do not heed my call to them.


Does the world have so much to offer you that you will not come to me, the one who loves you unconditionally. My words of life I will share with you if you will seek me. Yes seek Me and I will make myself known to you. I am real, I am here, I rose from the dead for you. I gave My life for you because I want to know you. Will you open your heart to Me and allow Me into your life. The way has been open and made clear for you, nothing remains except to come to Me with an open heart. My people close themselves off to Me yet I love them dearly, there is nothing I will not do for you.


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