Isaiah 43:10-12

You are My witnesses, you who believe Me, and walk with Me. I am God eternal and there is no other like Me. I am your God, there is no other. My people know I have you in the palm of My hand, I know your thoughts and desires. Seek Me everyday and you will find My hand outstretched towards you to bless you with My presence. You are mine and I am yours. Will you come to Me with open hearts in the morning, will you praise Me when you rise up, will you cast all your burdens on Me and walk with Me? I am your God forever, your Father who loves His children, draw near to Me my child and I will draw near to you.


Your life I hold in My hand to prosper you and bless you as you come to Me and seek Me. Seek Me my children everyday for I love to hear your voices as you sing to Me, draw near with an open heart and do not despair, My life will I give you to live in victory each day. Yes many challenges face you, yet I am here waiting for you to come to Me to seek My wisdom for your lives.


I delight in those who draw near to Me in faith, My hand I stretch out to you to comfort you and care for you. You are never alone My children, if My Spirit abides in you, you are mine, yes mine to be my witnesses to a dying world. Open your life up to Me and allow Me to breathe My Spirit afresh in you, for then you shall mount up as an eagle, and soar high above with Me in heavenly places. Do not close yourself off from Me, though it may hurt at times I shall heal you and sustain you always. I will keep you in My presence for My names sake. Yes My children draw near to Me, draw near with your whole heart and I will respond to you. My Father loves you and I love you, hold fast to My words, hold fast.

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